Looking for an unforgettable team building event?  Something unique that your employees will talk about for days to come?  Try "Will You Escape?" !   We can host up to 24 people at one time in our themed rooms.  We create a fun, exciting mystery to solve that your staff can collaborate on, or have a friendly competition between groups! We also have a corporate lounge if you would like to host up to 50 people and cater the event with food and beverages.   This is a great way to allow your employees to work together and test their problem solving skills in a team environment. 


During the game, players will be faced with all types of problems and obstacles that require brain work, cooperation and efficient communication.  Some of the puzzles and clues are easy, some are hard, and some require a different approach to figure out.  They will need to use elements of the room to solve puzzles, find clues and work together.  Team members have to share information, listen to each other and come up with a solution before time runs out!  Will they solve the mystery??